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About Us

Simply Said: We do it all.

Flash Fare Photography and Food Styling by Trace provides our customers with beautiful food and drink images at a fraction of their expected and usual cost. Flashfare is a unique combination of food styling expertise, artistic set design and contemporary food photography.

We provide a one-stop shopping alternative to mega-studio shoots and expensive add-on set services. We use state of the art cameras and lights and utilize one of the most sophisticated food styling kits anywhere.

As a result of our streamlined approach, we are able to pass substantial savings on to our customers without sacrificing the integrity of our images. Additionally, with over 25 years experience in food styling and food photography, our work flow is seamless and virtually problem-free for our clients. We get beautiful images every time.

We provide both location and studio photography and have a wide range of clients across the country including MGM Advertising, American Casino & Entertainment, Arizona Charlies, Crumbzz, TLG Gaming, Yumm, Lone Star Eatery, Stratosphere Advertising and Q Advertising. Our most recent family of clients include Bimbo, Tia Rosa and Oroweat.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Flashfare currently provides affordable custom food and drink images for both national and international markets.